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International Women Beauty Consultants (IWBC)

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We would like to order the following services at IWBC (please check all applicable boxes):
  •   Advertise our practice:
    • Develop and List our CV web page in English language - One time Fee: $70  Sample 1Sample 2
    • Develop and List our web site in  Arabic  language: : One time Fee :  $95  Samples
    • Total Order: $165
  •   Sponsor beauty specialists for listing our clinic at their new CV web sites at IWBC under group discount fee :
    You may provide a list of your sponsored beauty specialists. Also, we would be happy to provide you with such a list (no charge) and all is needed is to specify the requested number of specialists you wish to sponsor. More details below:
  •   Free Sponsorship Plan (FSP):
    I would like to list my clinic at FSP to receive a free CV web site
    in English language  + listing at IWBC.
Required Specialist's Information:
  1. Full name and degree
  2. Specialty
  3. E. Mail address (optional)
  4. Web Site address
  5. Area code and phone number
Group Sponsorship Minimum Order:
  • 5 Specialists
  • Development, listing and hosting a CV web site in English language plus listing at IWBC.
    Fee per specialist: $35 per year   Sample

  • Development of a professional web site in  Arabic  language:
    One Time Fee per specialist:  $89  Samples

Please Provide Your Beauty Specialists' List Below
If more space was needed, please copy and paste the full list and send it (no attachments)
to our E. mail address:

Total Payment:

  • Fee to advertise your practice: $
  • Fee to sponsor Beauty Specialists (English language):
    Number of Specialists
    X   Fee Per Specialist $ = $
  • Development of professional web site in  Arabic  language  $89 / per specialist
  • Total : Please add applicable amounts and enter here  -  Fee mailed: $


    1. USA Dollars, Checks only, no credit cards.
    2. Orders are Paid in full and in advance by checks drawn on American banks.
    3. Check Number (US Advertisers) 
    5. Payment Date 

 Important Notes:

  • Your business name plus a link to its web site will appear at  your sponsored specialists - CV web sites.

Name And Contact Information:

First Name   M.I.   Last Name
Business Name
Number  Street  Suite #
State/ Country Zip Code
Area Code
Telephone Number
FAX Number 
E-mail Address
Web Site Address 

Sending The Advertisement Form

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